The former capital of Karpathos, a village inhabited since the Middle Ages when its remote location shielded its people from pirate attacks. Colourful and playful architecture, narrow alleys and numerous freshwater fountains give Aperi its unique character, complemented by the beautiful mountainous scenery surrounding it. 
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Traditional Dodecanesian architecture with colourful buildings, whitewashed stone-paved alleys, blooming plants and flowers everywhere and ample island charm. Volada is beautiful and welcoming, with a mountainous scenery filled with ancient castle ruins and panoramic views to the island’s capital that refreshes all visitors. From Volada you can hike to the Lastos plateau and the island’s highest peak, Kali Limni.
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Stunning countryside landscapes and amazing views from the highest situated village of Karpathos await visitors seeking a closer look at the daily lives of the locals. Hike to the old windmills, or follow paths through olive groves and rich vegetation to the neighbouring villages of Aperi, Pyles and Volada. At the village’s folklore museum, you can admire amazing items of local art and artisanship, whereas at the woodcarving workshop you can admire the manufacture of the famous lyras, the trademark musical instrument of Karpathos. Near Othos, the charming countryside of Stes is surrounded by vineyards.  
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Located on the western side of the island, Pyles is a seaside village from where you will enjoy spectacular views to the sunset and the neighbouring Kasos Island. The picturesque beach of Pyles is a gorgeous swimming spot, whereas the Agricultural Museum is truly worth visiting for an insider’s look to a local farmer’s life. 
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Pristine cubic homes, narrow alleys and breath-taking views to the Aegean welcome you to Mesochori village, a quaint spot that promises tranquillity in stunning scenery. Roam around Mesochori and relish the laid-back style of island living in small family cafés and tavernas, or discover to remote beaches through the areas hiking trails. The “panigiri” of Panagia Vrysiani every September is one of the most popular religious festivals on the island, and it’s worth to stop by if you are visiting Karpathos that time of year. 
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The picture-perfect promenade of Diafani, a coastal village with Mediterranean brio and a serene ambience welcomes you to a genuine island experience. With just a few steps of sand separating you from the cool waters of the sea, and ample choice in tavernas and cafés, Diafani is a heavenly destination for a refreshing break from your explorations or for a lovely day by the beach! From Diafani’s port, you can board the cruises to Vroukounda, Tristomo and the island of Saria to the north of Karpathos.
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Arguably, the most traditional village in not only Karpathos but also across Greece, Olympos is a cultural treasure. Amazing architecture, rich and colourful history and culture with origins lost in the past millennia make Olympos one of the most interesting places to visit, a spot that captures the heart of the visitor and creates unforgettable memories. The locals are immensely proud of their heritage and maintain their traditions with devout respect. In fact, most of the local women wear their traditional clothes daily, and continue to use the distinct local dialect for day-to-day life. Visiting Olympos is a literal travel back in time, and no visitor of Karpathos should miss the chance to visit this spectacular place. 
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The capital of the island and the heart of Karpathos commercial and touristic life. As the main port of Karpathos is located here, Pigadia will be the first part of this amazing island to capture your heart, and you will surely love it. Its diverse style, with modern amenities yet maintaining a lot of the authentic, traditional charm of Karpathos daily living, is most evident in the seafront promenade that is filled with life all hours of the day and night! 
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A quaint fishing village with ample traditional appeal and picture-perfect natural surroundings; here you will enjoy freshly caught fish straight from the fisherman’s boat to a taverna’s grill, a gorgeous sandy beach and amazing, panoramic views to the Aegean. 
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The largest of Karpathos’ villages, Menetes is located 5 km from Althea Boutique Hotel, a charming community built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mt. Prophet Elias. Colourful houses, picturesque narrow alleyways, magnificent old churches and rustic traditional cafes and tavernas are the highlights of Menetes, a location worth visiting when exploring the authentic beauty of Karpathos. If you happen to be on the island mid-August, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the local “panigiri”, a vibrant celebration full of Greek allure. 
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In an area brimming of wild natural beauty, historical findings, amazing churches and breath-taking beaches, Arkassa is a spot that enchants all visitors. From the ancient monuments of the ancient city of Arkesia, and Byzantine churches such as those of Ypapanti, Agia Anastasia, Agia Sofia and more, to the gorgeous beaches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Theodoros and culinary delights at the local tavernas, a day in Arkassa is definitely a day well spent!
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