Windsurfen auf Karpathos

Windusrfing ompetition 2009

The area of Afiartis (near the International Airport of Karpathos) is the perfect place for windsurfing in Karpathos. With winds that blow all day long almost throughout the entire summer season, and with four different bays providing the perfect conditions for all surfing levels, Afiartis Karpathos will satisfy every windsurfer no matter what their level is.

Organized Bays for Windsurfing in Karpathos

Makris Gialos is commonly known among the surfers as “Chicken Bay “. It is a shallow bay extremely sheltered thus offering the perfect spot for beginners and also the flat waters for the windsurf freestylers.

Valia or more commonly known among the surfers “Gun Bay”. It is the largest bay from where a wind wave of up to one meter arises and offers to the windsurfers great bump and jump conditions. This bay in general is a superb slalom and free-ride area.

Vatha, which is now known on an international scale as “Devil’s Bay”. The bay with the strongest wind but also combines this with flat water and has therefore had become the site of four ISA speed world cup competitions. This bay is also great for freestyle and slalom too.

Only a few kilometers away from the above three interlinked bays, lies the “wave-spot” which as its name suggests, develops quite large wind-waves and therefore offers ideal conditions for jumping and for practicing those loops.

Enjoy windsurfing in Karpathos and combine it with your stay at Althea Boutique Hotel that is just a 10-minute drive away. For more information, please contact Maria in our reception area.

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