Hauptgründe für einen Besuch auf Karpathos - Wandern und Klettern

Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese

The rich mountainous terrain of Karpathos creates an impressive changing  of landscapes, which enchants the visitor. In a short distance the landscape changes dramatically. Its rocky and green mountains always end up  with a  view of the deep blue and picturesque beaches of Karpathos.

This is the main reason why Karpathos is considered the ideal island for hikers and climbers.

In Karpathos, nature lovers have the opportunity to hike unique  trails following the network of hiking trails, as the whole of Karpathos is crossed by small and large impressive paths, connected to each other. Get a map of the  Karpathian trails from Althea Boutique Hotel. A large number of paths are marked (plates, signs, etc.), making the hike easy and safe. Alternatively, if you wish for a guide to accompany you on your excursions, at Althea Boutique Hotel Karpathos we can organize it for you directly from the reception of our hotel so you have the opportunity to take part in an organized excursion in the mountains of Karpathos !!!

Hiking is an activity that is gaining more and more fans in Karpathos, providing a network of 50 marked trails. Many trails lead to beaches and villages of Karpathos. Crossing mountains, countryside and rural settlements of Karpathos. The hikers are given the opportunity to get to know the old rural life of the inhabitants of Karpathos.

From the northern part of Karpathos, Olympus, start paths that go all the way down to the beaches of Forokli, Nati, to the old rural settlement of “Avlona” or to the beautiful port of Diafani. Following the hiking trail from  Olympos to Diafani the route passes through old but well maintained windmills with stunning views of the wild west side of Karpathos. Choosing the uphill trail from the village of Olympos towards the lonely church of Profitis Ilias gives the visitor a breathtaking panoramic view offering a lifetime experience, as well as the routes from Avlona to “Vroukounta” and “Tristomo”.

In the southern part of the island there are hiking routes connecting  the villages, but also through the  countryside towards the center of Karpathos. Ascending  from the plateau of “Lastos” to the highest peak of Karpathos in “Kali Limni”, gives the opportunity for a panoramic view all over the island, up until neighboring Kasos and distant Crete. Starting from “Lasto” one can choose the adventure in the gorge of “Flaskia” this is quite  easy,  and  leads to the coastal  area of “Adeia” surrounded by the green landscape.

In Karpathos there is the association of  “FRIENDS OF MOUNTAIN AND SEA”, which regularly organizes excursions on all the paths of the island. Each visitor can follow the program of the Association and thus get to know the island better, along with other hikers.

In Karpathos, apart from the hiking, we also have  climbing routes.

         Impressive and beautiful rocks, which hang above the blue-green beaches of Karpathos,  are where the climbing lovers find there  paradise.

           Braver climbers old find around 32 climbing points and about 350 climbing routes.

In Karpathos there are climbing routes for both beginners and experienced climbers.

          The impressive gorge of “Flaskia”, 500m long. is a very popular place for climbing.

           On the rocks above the picturesque fishing village of Finiki there are impressive and safe routes.

           At the southernmost tip of Karpathos, at Cape “Kastellos”, climbing routes await you with incredible views of the Carpathian Sea.

          On the East side of Karpathos, on the impressive beach of “Ahatta” lies an impressive and towering series of rocks, where the visitor enjoys the magnificent landscape, the green mountain and the deep blue sea.

              Althea Boutique Hotel is within walking distance of these routes, and there is a very good road network to these areas.

                Maria at the reception of Althea Boutique Hotel gives you every morning the right information to enjoy the walking and climbing routes.

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